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True Neighbor

Schelly Daughtery

"Schelly Daugherty is a strong promoter of our youth. She is actively involved with Burns Lacrosse and Nadzitsaga Lacrosse. She manages the leagues, handles the enrollments and tracks the uniforms and check-out. She was instrumental in their community wide dinner fundraiser this fall. She promotes an equipment exchange for all the new players and past players. Schelly has been the lead for Burns Young Life for years and years. She provides a safe, encouraging environment for young people to gather and socialize. She is welcoming, non-judgemental, and always planning fun, crazy activities. Schelly works with all youth, especially those that are marginalized. She promotes lacrosse as a lifestyle, not just a sport. She is encouraging, welcoming, and non-judgemental of our youth. Schelly welcomes all youth to Young Life. She does not promote any one religion, but encourages our youth to live a Christian life. She is consistent in promoting and providing activities for our youth to gather and "play/socialize" in a safe environment. Schelly is involved in her church community. She participates as a Sunday school teacher and regularly volunteers for church events. Schelly owns her own business Shepherd Graphics and does custom artwork for the community." ~Shana Withee, May 2019 True Neighbor