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True Neighbor

Sandy Volle

"Sandy Volle lives life with a mission to reach out and help people who can't help themselves. She has a heart for people that life has not always been kind to them. Sandy is a retired school teacher, many of her teaching years were working with students that had special needs. She has continued to stay connected to students with a reading program at the elementary school. Sandy also has a daily text messaging mission that she sends encouraging scripture and messages to hundreds of recipients."

"Sandy has been helping community members for many years. She has driven people to doctors appointments in and out of town, brought individuals home from hospital stays in Bend. When she wasn't able to drive, she personally has purchased bus tickets. Not only does she help individuals but many times she has extended assistance to their family members. She has taken people into her home and helped with food and other needs. This past Christmas she had a visit from a person she had helped previously, they marathon baked and decorated cookies and made candy. They then delivered all their goodies to families in the community. Sandy helps children of Harney County as a volunteer CASA representative. CASA volunteers are involved with children who are involved in the court system, from either child abuse or neglect situations. They are the advocates for these children." ~Schelly Daughtery, JuneĀ 2019 True Neighbor