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True Neighbor

Ruthie Miller

"Ruthie Miller's positive attitude and dedication to our community makes her a true neighbor. You will find her at many community and school events giving up countless hours of her time. Besides her time, she also donates scholarships, pictures and smiles to help others succeed in their endeavors. Many of her photos of our school events are donated to the yearbooks and are displayed in the buildings. To this day you will find her photos throughout Harney County documenting the history of our county, special events and memorable moments.Her commitment to enhancing our community is never ending. She is active in her church, Toys for Tots, winner winner turkey dinner, and her countless donations to local charity and fundraisers are a few of the many things Ruthie anonymously contributes to. If you looked up what the meaning of a true neighbor is in the dictionary, Ruthie's picture would be the first you would see. She is a true neighbor and friend to many. -Alice Herauf and Diane Chapman, September and October 2019 True Neighbors