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True Neighbor

Kate Marsh

Kate Marsh with Brenda Smith, Executive Director of High Desert Partnership. Photo by Jeremy Hill,

Kate Marsh is the first TRUE NEIGHBOR recipient, for her dedication to the arts. Kate is always ready to help with anything that will expand arts in our community. A few examples: involvement in cultural development by participating on the board of the county’s Oregon Cultural Trust-funded Cultural Coalition which awards grants to support cultural awareness, education, and access; she gathered artist friends together and opened Gallery 15 downtown to give local artists a venue to share and market their work; was the instigator of the Frontier Art Center in which art and crafts classes and skill development take place for youth and adults; leads and supports youth and adult writing development through a 4-H Creative Writing club and the Writers Guild of Harney County; and serves on the board of the Community Support Foundation which assists several local projects and organizations, including the community garden and the Arts and Crafts Association.

Phew! We don't know when Kate sleeps but we do know, Kate doesn’t take herself too seriously, you can always count on her for an easy laugh and that's another great reason she's our first TRUE NEIGHBOR.