Working cooperatively is almost a necessity in Harney County, Oregon, the 9th largest county in the United States. Over 75% of the land is managed by government agencies and a good portion of the 7,100 residents' livelihoods are tied to the land. Working cooperatively is easier said than done. It often takes the support of an organization that does not take a position on issues to bring people together. This is the basis of what we do. We like to think of ourselves as the organization that provides the backbone support. Our partners find us to be capable and reliable in the work we do, which is time consuming, sometimes tedious but always necessary and very rewarding when positive ecological, economic and social advancements are made in our community. 

How We Bring Change

The High Desert Partnership exists because of the passion and dedication of the board of directors. The basis for The Partnership's work is to use the collaborative process.  The Partnership stresses to stakeholders that they focus on the process of decision-making. We bring together the community to address their most pressing challenges and needs by doing the following:

What Our Initiatives Strive For

Through these iniatives we hope to achieve the following in our community:


We work to bring groups together to find common ground and advance our community.