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The Partnership's Role

What We Do For the Youth Initiative

We contacted individuals and organizations in Harney County that are involved with youth. We spoke with people from youth organizations, the medical community, the business and ranching community, the educational system, religious groups, non-profits, and local, state and federal government agencies. Perhaps even more importantly we spoke with youth. These discussions allowed us to assess the positive things already happening in our community and identify where improvement is needed. These conversations are helping us to understand how we can best support this initiative.

We have convened many youth initiative meetings. We are providing our partners with guidance as they form their identity and decide what projects they want to implement. The Partnership will work with groups to identify funding resources to improve the lives of youth in Harney County. We will also develop ways to measure the progress of this important work.

Support Our Youth

Help the Positive Youth Initiative get off to a strong start! Visit our How to Help page to find out how you can make an impact.