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Desired Outcomes


Engage the community to develop opportunities to sustain and enhance a next generation with motivation and skills that inspire self-worth, pride and a good work ethic.

Developing Goals

We aspire to accomplish a lot through the youth initiative. Our goals are inspired by the promises outlined in America's Promise. Partners are using this as a framework as we begin to bring to work on this initiative. We hope that this vision will guide the discussion to enhance the lives of our youth in Harney County.

  • Safe Places

    To develop intellectually and emotionally, young people need physical and psychological safety at home, at school and in the community. Without such “safe places” – environments that support and encourage inquiry, exploration, and play without fear of harm – children aren’t able to get support, form positive relationships and concentrate on school.

  • Caring Adults

    Caring adults are the centerpieces of children’s development. They serve as guides, caretakers and advisers, who give positive and productive guidance throughout their development.

  • Healthy Start

    Children grow and learn better when they are born healthy and practice healthy habits throughout childhood, including proper nutrition and exercise, and have access to high quality learning opportunities. Healthy and well-nourished children are more able to develop their minds and bodies as they should, and they are far more capable of concentrating, learning and thriving throughout their school years.

  • Effective Education

    Our increasingly knowledge-driven world demands people who have the education and skills to thrive in a competitive marketplace, and to understand the increasingly complex world in which they live. That means that in order to compete and succeed, all young people will need an effective education that prepares them for work and life.

  • Opportunities To Give Back

    Through service to others and community, young Americans develop the character and competence they need to be helpful, hopeful and civically engaged all their lives, regardless of their own life circumstances. The chance to give back teaches young people the value of service to others, the meaning of community, and the self-respect that comes from knowing that one has a contribution to make in the world.

Help Us Realize Our Goals

In order to have successful outcomes, HDP requires capacity funding to facilitate the initiative and support the needs of our youth. Think you can help with either of these necessities? Go to our How To Help page to help.