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Desired Outcomes

Purpose of the Collaborative

The purpose of the Harney County Wildfire Collaborative is for the group to reach consensus on specific, achievable, tangible and measurable steps to be taken by all entities (both public and private) to reduce the potential for and the impact of mega-fires in Harney County.  Membership is made up of interested stakeholders with a diverse body of knowledge, skills and abilities, who are involved in different aspects of wildfire within Harney County. The size of the collaborative is designed to maximize its effectiveness but not to limit opinions or views. Collaborative partners strive to include participants of the following interests including federal, tribal (Paiute Tribe), state, county, city, conservation, and environmental research and technical members, Rangeland Fire Protection Associations (RFPAs), and the ranching community.

Photo provided by Bryant Kuechle

Desired Outcomes

The overarching goal for all the collaborative is the minimization of large catastrophic fires. It is not only focused on prevention, but also the ability to recover the system when these fires do occur. The collaborative’s efforts consist of three process phases: suppression, prevention, and restoration. All three phases do not run sequentially and some degree of overlap does occur. Suppression consists of the communication, coordination, and integration of actions taken to put fires out in both initial and extended attack. The suppression phase is still part of the conversation but is not the where the collaborative is currently focusing the majority of time. Prevention comprises fire risk reduction by minimizing the potential incidence and impacts of mega-fires. The third phase is the restoration of landscapes so that they will be more resistant large catastrophic fires and more resilient in their recovery post-fire.