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Common Ground Principles and Goals

Our goal is to restore healthy and resilient forests. Our projects provide social and economic benefits to the local community. We are continually learning and developing best practices that may be applied in other areas. 

Common Ground Principles

The Harney County Restoration Collaborative has achieved complete consensus on the following Desired Future Conditions for the northern Harney County forested landscape. Click on each category below to see Harney County Restoration Collaborative's goal for the desired future condition or scroll to the bottom to download the pdf version. 

Download as a PDF

Harney County Restoration Collaborative's Goals

The goals of Harney County Restoration Collaborative include: 

  • restoration of forest health and the return of natural ecosystem processes
  • enhanced social capacity to solve problems in ways that build and sustain desired environmental, economic and community conditions
  • development of a working draft of desired future conditions and agreement on to get there
  • enhanced and improved community economic resilience
  • improved efficiency and efficacy of federal, state and local agencies to carry out their missions

Help Us Reach Our Goals

With your help we meet these ambitious goals! Go to our How to Help page to learn how you can have a direct impact.