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Additional Literature

  • A scientific article the result of research to help understand how Common Carp can potentially be controlled.

  • Thanks to funding from Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board’s Focused Investment Partnership, Dr. Tamara Wood (United States Geological Survey) and doctoral student James Pearson (Oregon State University/United States Fish and Wildlife Service) are conducting research to determine the drivers of turbidity (water clarity) in Malheur Lake. This article captures findings following several days of research at Malheur Lake on the impact wind has in creating turbid water.

  • What is lake turbidity and why carp AND wind are its cause.

  • The results of Intermountain West Joint Venture's research and workshops to gain a deeper understanding of factors influencing ranchers who flood irrigate and how these factors interrelate.

  • A look at what happens when carp are taken away from the Harney Basin environment.

  • An overview of the purpose and focus of the Harney Basin Wetlands Initiative.