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Working Together

For the BizHarney Initiative a cooperative structure is already in place between Harney County Commissioners, High Desert Partnership and the Harney County Economic Development office. Harney County Economic Development is currently working with High Desert Partnership and the broader community through the Community Response Team. This group meets monthly and is comprised of citizens and regional representatives with a vested interest in supporting economic strength in Harney County. With this initiative funded one of the first steps is to solidify these partnerships. The advantage in this environment is that most prospective partners have already started to pull together to achieve shared economic goals.

High Desert Partnership will take the lead in ensuring a collaborative process will be used to progress through planning and implementation of the BizHarney Initiative. In our role as a backbone support organization, we will help in building relationships needed for success, provide effective communication, establish ground rules for meetings, help define organization structure and information flow in a collaborative process and help create a road map for success.