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Short Films and Videos

We have a great collection of short films and videos that demonstrate some of our work.

Reflections On Collaboration From The Harney County Way Collaborative Summit 2018

Partnerships in Motion

This beautiful video speaks to the tremendous value of the partnerships working to enhance conditions on the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and surrounding private lands in Harney Basin. The issues facing Harney Basin are larger than any one person, group or agency can address alone, but together Harney Basin Wetlands Initiative partners are developing meaningful solutions to complex problems such as invasive carp and protecting wetland meadows. 

Wetlands and Water

The lands in and around the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge provide incredibly important habitat for birds on the Pacific Flyway. Harney Basin Wetlands Initiative partners give voice to the importance of these wetlands meadows, the roll water plays, and the significance of flood irrigation. This is the shorter of the two versions we have. If you would prefer to watch the longer version, click here

Cranes, Curlews, and Cows - the Delicate Debate over Oregon's Federal Lands

Cat Wise with PBS Newshour produced a story about the High Desert Partnership and the collaborative work we are supporting in Harney Basin. The story features Partnership board members and Harney Basin Wetlands Initiative partners, who speak to the benefits of collaboration.

Malheur Restoration Project

Carp have long had a negative impact on Malheur Lake. This video discusses the Harney Basin Wetlands Initiative partner's approach to reducing the impact of carp so as to improve habitat for birds on the Pacific Flyway.

Forest Collaboratives - Restoring Oregon's Dry Side

While this video doesn't specifically focus on the Harney County Restoration Collaborative, it discusses collaboration efforts taking place in eastern Oregon. Each collaborative has its individual features and traits, but watching the video will give you a greater understanding of the forest restoration efforts taking place in our communities.