The High Desert Partnership is the background noise that few notice. Our work ensures important projects are getting off the ground in Harney County. What we do isn’t flashy and is often unseen, especially by the public.

We arrange meeting times and places for collaborative groups. We take meeting notes. We steadily ensure that group decisions are acted upon and progress occurs. We provide facilitation services. We help partners secure the resources they need to see their visions turn into reality. We seek and secure funding to support initiatives and their projects. Our board and staff engage regularly in conversations with community members to enhance collaborative efforts.

And these are the consistent things we do. We often step outside our norm to meet the needs of our partners. In this way we are fulfilling our mission to enhance the ecological sustainability, economic well-being, and social vitality of our communities. Learn more

  • Youth Changing The Community's skate park project is moving right along. Learn more about how the project is progressing in this Burns Times-Herald article.

  • This article focuses on Forest Service land in Arizona, but it speaks to the universal challenges that face prescribed fire despite the many benefits to the landscape.

  • In 2014, Harney County Restoration Collaborative held a science and economic summit, and one of the outcomes was the development of a biomass district heating system that could be used by local facilities in Burns. The system not only reduces green house gas emissions, but also uses low-value forest residuals that are generated from local restoration projects. A few days ago, the system became community owned! Check out the article below to learn more about this awesome biomass system.

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